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Have you ever watched the pros on TV hit a drive off line and into the woods, then recover with a low punch shot under the trees that releases beautifully onto the green?  With a little bit of practice, you can master this shot too!

In order to hit the ball low you need to adjust your ball position by moving the ball back in your stance (for a right- handed golfer this will be toward your right foot). The center of your body should favor the target side of the golf ball at address- this will help you achieve the correct angle of attack necessary to launch the ball low.  The adjustment in your set up position should also encourage you to shorten your finish through the ball.  Click on the link for an example of the low punch shot:https://youtu.be/rPVDMaWEigQ

Pro Tip: Watch for the low punch at the Open Championship this week!  It is a useful shot from the middle of the fairway in windy conditions!    

Laura Luethke, PGA Class A 

If you need help learning this shot, call the golf shop at 760-200-8988 to book a lesson!