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In case you haven’t heard, Big Rock Golf has partnered with Swing King to offer the ultimate hole-in-one contest on our 17th hole. The Swing King is the latest in golf course gaming technology and is a contest offered at Big Rock every round you play! Captured by an HD camera behind the 17th green, your ace wins a cash prize of up to $20,000. Big Rock Golf is one of the few courses in the Coachella Valley partnered with Swing King. 

Make sure to place your bet in the golf shop before you tee off. $5 or $10 will enter you into the hole in one contest daily. One more added benefit: you will have the video recording of your ace forever to show your friends. Don’t miss out – you never know, it could be your lucky day!   

By Laura Luethke

Watch:   https://youtu.be/yV1wNCP8x3Y